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Add Additional Scanned Properties

Oct 6, 2010 at 7:11 PM

Hi, I'd like to add a property for the parent site title to the scan job.

Examining the code, I found GetSiteBeingScannedProperties method,which I believe is where I should add the additional property.
In the global methods, the AttemptUpdateListItem appears to be the method that maps the hashtable item to a listitem field.
It looks like it does a validation that the field exists and if so, adds the value from the hashtable.

My assumption, then, is that I need to take the following steps to add the field:

1) add the field to the fields\elements.xml,
2) add a reference to the field in the SiteListing\elements.xml
3) add a reference to the field in the SiteListingsDefinition\Schema.xml
4) add the property to the GetSiteBeingScannedProperties method in the if (!webBeingScanned.IsRootWeb) block.

Is this the best approach, is there anything else I need to be aware of?